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aha.... [Aug. 5th, 2004|11:03 am]
Fiction Writers


[mood |distresseddistressed]
[music |September - Earth, Wind & Fire]

good idea, amy!

name: rosie
age/grade/school: 16, i'll be a junior at southwest high
location: minneapolis, mn
favorite movie: moulin rouge
favorite food: pizza!
favorite book: the notebook (nicholas sparks)
favorite author: it changes...
what's the last book you read?: ophelia speaks by sara shandler
best advice ever given to you: things have to get worst before they get better
best writing advice ever given to you: don't rush through the plot, take time to reflect on what you're writing and add detail.
best writing advice you could ever give to someone: don't be afraid to write about personal experiences-it may end up being your best writing yet.
have you ever been published? where?: yes and no at the same time... i've had various things published in little newspapers or magazines here and there, but never anything major.
fun facts, or anything else we should know about you: usually the best way to find out who i really am is to wait until i'm overtired (that's when i get really active and sort of hyper) and you'll see the real me. i love pets but hate taking care of them, i spend a lot of time running around in parking lots for no apparent reason, and i set a lot of goals for myself that make me feel really good-but never actually get around to achieving them. i also love softball, writing, movies and i'm OBSESSED with music.