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poll [Aug. 4th, 2004|01:20 pm]
Fiction Writers


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i had an idea and you guys might think it's kind of dumb but since we only spent 5 short classes together, i thought i'd throw together a little mini basic survey and if you'd like, you can fill it out... just so we can get a handle on where everyone stands? i tried to keep it in the vein of writing and literature.

name: amy
age/grade/school: 16, i'll be a junior at st. john's prep
location: sartell, mn (by st cloud)
favorite movie: now and then
favorite food: fish
favorite book: the catcher in the rye
favorite author: jd salinger
what's the last book you read?: the stranger by albert camus
best advice ever given to you: look on the bright side
best writing advice ever given to you: condense, condense, condense and get to the point. short concise sentences. i'm trying to keep my stories trim and lean right now.
best writing advice you could ever give to someone: be original and read a lot.
have you ever been published? where?: kind of. i was published in an 8th grade anthology when i was in the 8th grade for a poem i wrote and in our school literary magazine in 10th grade, neither pieces of which i am very proud...
fun facts, or anything else we should know about you: i have 2 cats, i'm allergic to peanuts, i really don't like lettuce, i like going to concerts, i can't stand it when people smoke cigarettes, and i have naturally curly hair. that's about it!